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ICE raid nabs 11 across Northern California this weekend, Mayor Schaaf receives threats

February 27, 2018 3:33 pm

POSTED: FEB 26 2018 09:29PM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 26 2018 05:29PM PST UPDATED: FEB 27 2018 05:04AM PST OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU/AP) - Hundreds of people are inundating Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s office with angry phone calls, some accusing her of treason, after she warned residents of upcoming immigration raids over the weekend. The Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership said […]

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Report: California officials lacked solid fire alert plan

February 27, 2018 3:29 pm

By: JULIET WILLIAMS, Associated Press POSTED: FEB 26 2018 03:56PM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 27 2018 12:21PM PST UPDATED: FEB 27 2018 12:28PM PST SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Officials in a Northern California county were ill-prepared, disorganized and lacked sufficient training when deadly, fast-moving wildfires broke out last October endangering about 100,000 people, according to a report from California […]

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Trump pushes plan to arm teachers in schools

February 23, 2018 12:03 pm

By: Cristina Rendon POSTED: FEB 22 2018 06:03PM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 22 2018 05:54PM PST UPDATED: FEB 22 2018 06:06PM PST The debate over gun control and school safety remained in the spotlight Thursday, as President Trump pushed a plan to arm some teachers with guns at school. Trump spoke with state and local lawmakers at the White […]

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3 men found dead in Haight-Ashbury, fentanyl overdoses suspected

February 23, 2018 12:00 pm

By: Dan McMenamin POSTED: FEB 22 2018 12:31PM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 22 2018 04:47PM PST UPDATED: FEB 22 2018 10:34PM PST SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU/BCN) – Three men were found dead in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury  neighborhood early Thursday morning, a police spokesman said. The Health Department is concerned about the possibility of fentanyl poisoning, and is alerting health care […]

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Berkeley lawyer-activist takes goat away from ‘inhumane’ conditions

February 23, 2018 11:56 am

By: Amber Lee POSTED: FEB 22 2018 07:29AM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 21 2018 11:32PM PST A Berkeley lawyer regularly livestreams and posts videos of himself and other activists removing animals that they say are sick or kept in what they describe as inhumane conditions. Wayne Hsiung says his work rescuing animals takes place not only in the Bay […]

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Changes made since San Jose’s Coyote Creek flood

February 22, 2018 10:56 am

By: Maureen Naylor POSTED: FEB 21 2018 06:51PM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 21 2018 06:37PM PST Exactly one year after the Coyote Creek flood in San Jose, officials highlighted multiple changes made in the last year and announced a new partnership. The Santa Clara Valley Water District announced a unique new agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of […]

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BART to study feasibility of 2nd Transbay Tube

February 22, 2018 10:51 am

By: Cristina Rendon POSTED: FEB 21 2018 06:12PM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 21 2018 05:42PM PST UPDATED: FEB 21 2018 06:13PM PST BART is moving forward with plans to study the feasibility of a second tube beneath the Bay, the agency said Wednesday. While the idea sounds great, it is a huge and costly endeavor. There has been talk […]

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Ta-Nehisi Coates draws excited crowd at special Oakland screening of ‘Black Panther’

February 22, 2018 10:47 am

By: Simone Aponte POSTED: FEB 21 2018 02:36PM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 21 2018 01:54PM PST UPDATED: FEB 21 2018 03:40PM PST OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - The Grand Lake Theater in Oakland hosted a packed house on Tuesday night full of fans eager to see a special screening of “Black Panther.” But the bigger draw of the night was film’s […]

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Bay Area cities break records for cold, and it hails on chickens in Berkeley

February 21, 2018 11:33 am

By: Lisa Fernandez POSTED: FEB 20 2018 07:10AM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 20 2018 06:50AM PST UPDATED: FEB 20 2018 09:58AM PST OAKLAND, Calif. - After nearly a month of uncomfortably warm weather, the Bay Area finally got chilly this winter. So chilly, in fact, that some cities got downright freezing. Gilroy’s overnight low, for example, was 28 degrees. San […]

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Former U.S. Border Patrol agent-turned-author draws angry protest in Bay Area

February 21, 2018 11:29 am

By: Amber Lee POSTED: FEB 20 2018 06:35AM PST VIDEO POSTED: FEB 19 2018 10:24PM PST UPDATED: FEB 20 2018 11:37AM PST SAN FRANCISCO - A former U.S. Border Patrol agent who wrote a memoir about his experience is generating protest and controversy here in the Bay Area and other cities. Francisco Cantu held a book signing at Green Apple Books […]

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