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Boston Marathon Bomber Guilty

April 8, 2015 1:19 pm

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted Wednesday in the Boston Marathon bombing by a federal jury that now must decide whether he should be executed. The verdict was reached Wednesday afternoon, nearly two years to the day three people were killed and more than 260 injured in the April 15, 2013, bombings. Tsarnaev, 21, showed no emotion […]

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Bryan Stow Will Receive One Third Of His $18 Million Judgement

April 8, 2015 11:03 am

Injured Giants fan Bryan Stow will reportedly receive less than one third of the $18 million judgement that he received last year. Federal law allows his heath insurer to regain some of the money spent to take care of stow.

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Selection Narrowed For Female $20 Bill Figure

April 8, 2015 10:29 am

A growing movement of Americans wants to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with the face of a woman. Now a group of students is joining the “Woman on 20s” campaign after their class project turned into a passion. “I have been assigned Rosa Parks,” said fifth grader Mielka Nziengui Boussengui. “She refused to […]

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Alaska Airlines Apologizes For Forcing Cancer Patient Off Flight

April 8, 2015 10:08 am

A California woman suffering from cancer said she and her family were kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight to San Jose from Hawaii on Monday when an airline worker insisted that she needed a doctor’s note to fly. As a result, Elizabeth Sedway missed her chemotherapy appointment on Tuesday. Sedway, who suffers from multiple myeloma, […]

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2nd Arrest Made in Santa Cruz Murder

April 7, 2015 3:18 pm

Santa Cruz, Ca – Santa Cruz Police now have two suspects in custody in connection with the fatal Friday night shooting of a 18-year-old Samuel Weinberg of Santa Cruz.  The shooting happened in the area of River and North Pacific Friday evening.  Weinberg was pronounced dead at the scene from a gunshot wound to the […]

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Two Stabbing Suspects Arrested In Santa Cruz

April 7, 2015 2:47 pm

Santa Cruz, Ca – Santa Cruz Police have arrested to suspects in a stabbing incident on Sunday that left two Sacramento men injured.  Arrested were 19-year-old Juan Carlos Ortega and 38-year-old Larry Lloyd Lee. Authorities say the incident happened in the area of Liebrandt and Beach streets.  One victim was stabbed in his upper arm […]

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SC Police Seek ‘Mrs Doubtfire” Bank Bandit Suspect

April 7, 2015 2:14 pm

  Santa Cruz, Ca – In a case that Santa Cruz Police have dubbed “The Mrs. Doubtfire Bank Robbery”, investigators are trying to track down a man dressed in women’s clothing who reportedly robbed a bank of an undisclosed amount of cash on Morrissey Blvd in Santa Cruz on Friday. The cross-dressing suspect was caught […]

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Salinas Police Looking For Man Suspected Of Secretly Photographing Lingerie Sales Associate

April 7, 2015 12:13 pm

Salinas, CA - The Salinas Police Department is asking for assistance from the community in identifying the pictured suspect.  The man is suspected of using a concealed device to record the body of a female sales associate at the Northridge Mall in Salinas. The suspect was browsing around Victoria’s Secret on April 6, 2015 for a […]

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Water Saving Restrictions Being Enforced After Heavy Rain

April 7, 2015 11:26 am

The Governor of California has issued a cut in water use statewide due to the drought. Water restrictions are being enforced and creative ways to conserve water are becoming a hot topic. The proposed goal is to cut California’s water use by 25%.

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Deadly Highway 101 Crash

April 7, 2015 11:26 am

Early this morning a fatal crash took place on Highway 101 and tragically ended with one death. A pick up truck crashed into a Sedan, sending it across the lanes of traffic to the right shoulder of the highway where it burst into flames. The driver was tr

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