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Ayesha Curry throws out first pitch for Sonoma Stompers, promote organic soup

July 19, 2017 2:59 pm

POSTED: JUL 19 2017 06:20AM PDT

UPDATED: JUL 19 2017 06:20AM PDT

SONOMA, Calif. (Debora Villalon/KTVU) -The Sonoma Stompers had a big turnout for their game Tuesday night, as much for what happened off the field, as on.Ayesha Curry, chef and Food Network host, and wife of Warriors star Steph Curry, was on hand for some pre-game mingling.”To be able to come, do something completely out of my element, because I’m not a baseball girl obviously,” smiled Curry, before stepping onto Arnold Field to throw out the first pitch.

The Stompers are part of the Independent Pacific Association, a four-team Bay Area league.

The team beat the San Rafael Pacifics, in a game delayed a half-hour by a long line of fans seeking Curry’s autograph, and posing for photos with her.

“Steph and the whole family, are just great role models for kids,” Gabe Luddy of Sonoma told KTVU, as he waited with his son perched on his shoulders.  “I’m really happy we have a role model like them in the Bay Area.”

Curry was on-hand to promote a line of bottled, organic soups, Zupa Noma, which she is a partner in.

Some people brought their copies of her cookbook, “The Seasoned Life,” for her to sign.

But she gamely signed anything else: baseballs, wine glasses, and of course Warriors gear.

“Now she’s got her own thing going, and her own personality shining,” fan Carolena Coley of Napa told KTVU.

“She is so beautiful and sweet, and was she was so sweet to my son Grayson.”

Grayson Sanders, at 8, had Curry sign the back of his Warriors jersey.

He admitted he was keeping watch for Steph to show, but still appreciative:

“She’s Steph Curry’s wife and she’s really good at cooking and she has her own Youtube channel,” he explained.

Curry says she’s running on adrenaline and her husband’s encouragement.

“Right now, he’s on daddy duty because somebody has to do it,” she smiled.

Daughter Ryan just turned two, and daughter Riley celebrates her fifth birthday Wednesday.

Steph Curry sometimes joins Ayesha during her cooking demonstrations, and public appearances.

She admits she is juggling many roles: chef, author, host, entrepeneur, mom.

“Obviously my husband is my biggest supporter and driver even when I feel I should stop or can’t do it anymore. He’ll say ‘no you’ll be fine’, and then usually the next day I am!”

Ayesha’s mom, visiting from North Carolina, told KTVU cooking was always her daughter’s passion.

“On her 13th birthday she had a food party. That’s what she requested,” recalled Carol Alexander.

“So she and about eight of her girlfriends, that’s what they did. They prepared food.”

Curry says she has no grand plan, simply a desire to nourish families and relationships around the table.

And that pitch she was so nervous about at the game’s start?

A solid throw to the catcher, and rousing cheers from the crowd.

“I knew I could do it,” exclaimed Curry, as she made her way down the Stompers lineup, giving each player a high five.

“Whenever I do an event like this I’m not entirely sure what to expect so I was really happy to see the turnout and the love from my Bay Area family,” she concluded.