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Who Will Manage Your Facebook Page When You Die?

February 12, 2015 10:42 am

NEW YORK — You can now assign a friend or family member to take over your Facebook profile when you die.

The oft-requested feature allows you to choose a Facebook friend to be a “legacy contact,” who will serve as a kind of executor of your social network page. The friend can post information on your behalf (such as funeral details), respond to new friend requests and update your profile photo.

Facebook said the legacy contact can’t actually log into your account, change or delete any past posts, read your Facebook messages or remove your friends. But you can let your legacy contact download a copy of everything you’ve shared on Facebook, if you choose.

In the past, Facebook simply “memorialized” pages of people who died. The word “remembering” appeared next to the person’s name on their profile, and friends were able to share memories of that person on his or her Timeline.