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Arrested for setting off fireworks

April 8, 2014 10:35 am

(Entravision) Salinas, CA. Over the past several days there have been 36 calls of fireworks in the area of W. Market / Riker. Last night, police responded to another call at around 8:38p.m. This time the officer arrived, parked away from the call and very slowly walked toward the area. He saw a few fireworks and snuck closer to the source. He began to zero-in on 200 block of W. Market. There he saw a male light off a bottle rocket and then disappear. The officer then heard radio traffic coming from the house and realized the residents of the suspect address were listening to a police scanner. As the officer approached the house, he saw a male light off a mortar firework. The officer confronted him and ordered him to stay where he was. George Mendoza, 18, was then arrested without incident. He had a mortar firework still in his pocket. Mendoza admitted that he and his friends were the ones setting off the fireworks for the past few days. At this point he was the only one we were able to contact. He was cited for various fireworks charges.