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Venezuela is ‘the doors of a civil war’, according to exile in Miami

March 13, 2014 11:43 am

Miami (USA), Mar 13 (Entravision) .- The spiral of violence that is rocking to Venezuela, linked to protests and riots against the Government of Nicolas Maduro, have led to this country on the brink of a “civil war”, felt today in Miami two important groups in the exile community.

“Venezuela, given the inefficiency and inability to mature, is at the gates of a civil war”, with a Government that has committed “the crime against humanity to arm paramilitary groups,” he said to the Efe José Antonio Hill, president of Venezuelan political persecution in the exile (Veppex) .

He warned that “only if the Armed Forces Act and restored the constitutional thread will prevent a civil war” in the south American country.

According to Hill, Venezuela is approaching A point of no return, within a process of disintegration and acute crisis marked by the shortage of commodities, a crime and a uncontrolled galloping inflation.

In fact, the peaceful marches that were launched a little more than a month ago were convened, in large part, to “ask for improvements in the field of public safety, before so many murders, and in protest at the supply shortage and the violation of human rights,” he said.

The attorney general of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega increased today to 28 the number of deaths in acts of violence linked to the protests against Maduro.

The exile attributed to the so-called “collective” or groups of pro-governmental organizations clash the responsibility of the recorded deaths, at least three, On the day of protests from this Wednesday in the city of Valencia, Carabobo state.

this is groups “financed and armed by the Government to infringe on the Venezuelan society and, specifically, against the students in their peaceful protests. They are massacring the students”, denounced.

These paramilitary groups portray the “nature of the guerrilla and totalitarian regime of mature”, conquer it.

in regard to the possibility of an uprising of the Armed Forces, Hill indicated that within the army there have been “thoroughly resubordinated all without conflict” recent, such as the starring three colonels who “refused to carry out actions that violated the human rights of the students” .

“AND yesterday – continued – half a hundred Army officers refused to suppress the population, and that was arrested” .

For his part, Gisela Parra, executive secretary of the Bureau of the Democratic Unity Party (MUD) from Miami, expressed its “total rejection of the performance of the Venezuelan attorney general, “whoever does not Ensures the protection and defense and the human rights of the students” .

The lawyer and Venezuelan former judge denounced the bias of the judicial bodies, subject to the dictates of the regime of mature, “to the point of approving torture as a means of obtaining confessions” .

coincided with hill on which the paramilitary groups known as “collective” are armed by the Venezuelan Government and “firing indiscriminately”. “We are in the hands of these groups that are trying to keep people in a constant state of anxiety and fear to control the population”, highlighted the exiled policy.

This escalation without brake of violence and repression in Venezuela is accompanied by, for years, by the “destruction of the economic infrastructure and the confiscation of private property”, a work of demolition of the rule of law that, he said, “looking for the implementation of the Cuban socialist state fraudulently” .

“We have the duty to fight when repealing the Constitution to transform the democratic State in a state socialist-communist,” said Parra, to add: “What is here on a war footing is socialist and communist Government against democratic government, justice and Freedom, as is established” .

“We have to ignore this regime, by going against the Constitution of all the forms imaginable”, emphasized the former judge.