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Senator and son of the assassinated Luis Carlos Galán thinks in the Presidency in 2018

March 7, 2014 9:43 am

Bogota, Mar 7 (Entravision) .- The Colombian senator Juan Manuel Trouser will search for the next Sunday his third and final term as a legislator because in the elections of 2018 would you like to be a candidate for the Presidency as his father, the murdered liberal leader Luis Carlos Galan.

The political one of 41 years, said in an interview with EFE that its immediate objective is to renew its mandate as a senator and within four years contest the presidential nomination of the Liberal Party of Canada in a popular consultation.

“i would like to be in this consultation of 2018 of the Liberal Party,” stressed.

Trouser said that one of their potential rivals in this aspiration may be the former Germán Vargas Lleras, leader of the Partido radical change and current Running mate of president Juan Manuel Santos for reelection.

Vargas Lleras began his political life in the Liberal Party, precisely at the hands of Luis Carlos Galan, but many years after step to the ranks of radical change, so that Juan Manuel Trouser does not rule out that go back to the liberal ranks, as did his father.

“I believe that this can happen if there are a few approaches among the Liberal Party and radical change in these four years. That would be the natural result,” said Galan, who says that in this regard have been given “approximations frustrated” because Vargas Lleras “has always been interested in keep to radical change” that makes up part of the coalition Government.

Trouser believes that “the price to pay” by Vargas Lleras to return to the Liberal Party would be the dissolution of radical change, the same which paid for her father in 1987 when to get the unit and liberal order to contest the nomination for the Presidency in a popular consultation, dissolved the new liberalism, dissident movement founded by the eight years before.

Luis Carlos Galán was then all the favoritism for winning the 1990 presidential elections, but was killed by the drug cartels On August 18, 1989.

In his opinion, to materialize such a return, and if Vargas Lleras wants to be the liberal candidate to the Presidency in 2018, “it would be subject to such consultation” internal party in which also aspires to be the own Trouser.

“When open again the political competition, it seems to me that it is logical that the party making a popular consultation where a few preliminaries of several trends of the party that compete for the nomination and it would be very nice to have the doctor Vargas Lleras competing in this consultation,” said to Efe.

while this point is reached, Galán prefers concentrating on his work as senator if Sunday is elected for a third term.

trouser, It has promoted debate in Congress as the of the extrajudicial killings of civilians by the military, shows between their achievements a law that allows the drug addicts are treated as patients in the health system and another for the implantation of a free software to facilitate the access to the internet of people with visual disabilities.

On the Congress of the next four years, the senator believes that the legislative work will be “the most important in the past 50 years in Colombia because it is the peace process” .

The congressmen, according trouser, will need to consider the framework of the transitional justice, cornerstone of the peace process carried out by the Government with the Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Colombia (FARC) in Cuba.

In his opinion, there should be no benefits for those guilty of offenses listed in the Rome Statute as forced displacement, sexual violence, crimes against humanity, torture and extrajudicial executions.

“All that should be excluded from the transitional justice,” said Galan, who believes that “if the FARC recognize their victims” and it is a kind of “Truth Commission” with repair for them may have some agreements within the meaning of “giving up a part of the justice” .

recognizes, in any case, that such as the FARC have openly stated that they are not willing to pay penalties of imprisonment “this is going to be a difficult point to settle because you have to deal with The same standard to those from the State have committed these crimes and their perpetrators from the shore of the guerrilla”.