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Paris favors a single agreement to keep talking Russians and Ukrainians

March 5, 2014 2:56 pm

Paris, March 5 (Entravision) – . served Paris today to confirm distant positions on the crisis in Ukraine and allowed only confirm that the dialogue will continue at least among the many representatives of international diplomacy with interests in that country

the end of a day of contact between foreign ministers actually called the French capital to discuss Lebanon , admitted that the primary responsibility is that the agreement will be talking about Ukraine.

So declared Secretary of State , John Kerry , who specifically announced an “agreement to continue discussions with the Russians and Ukrainians ” to try to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.

“It is very important to solve the issue through dialogue , we work for a solution,” Kerry told reporters at the end of a day in which he met in the French capital with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Lavrov had said the same shortly before , after refusing repeatedly to meet with the new representative of the Ukrainian diplomacy Deschitsa Andrei , who had also been invited to the French capital .

Despite the absence of specific agreement , Kerry insisted on considering that there has been ” progress ” and that ” the situation is better today than yesterday .”


precluded the agreement without the Ukrainian government , so it justified the presence in Paris of the Foreign Minister of that country.

desired meeting between the Ukrainian and Russian did not occur, although both agreed at the headquarters of the French Foreign Ministry .

Kerry insisted today that negotiations explore possibilities enabled approach him to be President Barack Obama, Lavrov and the Russian , Vladimir Putin.

” We did not expect to resolve this in an afternoon, but I think we do what is appropriate to find a solution without conflict. Both parties and Ukrainians agree that the situation must be resolved through dialogue , protecting the sovereignty and the integrity of the Ukrainian territory , “he said .

Here, Kerry urged Moscow to withdraw its troops from Crimea and thus open the possibility that Ukraine has the government wanting its citizens.

Secretary of State recalled that Russia has taken ” a bad decision ” to ” invade ” the territory of Crimea and recalled that NATO has strengthened its in Poland and the Baltic countries , which have suspended bilateral talks with Moscow military commitments and preparing the G8 summit scheduled in Sochi.

also asked Russia to the deployment of international observers be allowed in the territory and recalled that the UN special envoy in Crimea was threatened today.

the side of good wishes was the Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia -Margallo , who came to Paris after having spoken in Madrid with Lavrov , whom appreciated ” desire to reach an agreement ” on Ukraine .

Margallo said he had seen the Russian minister ” eager to reach an agreement . has promised that under no circumstances is to seek annexation of Crimea or elsewhere in Ukraine, or force a referendum on self-determination would be contrary the Ukrainian Constitution and international treaties , “he said .

France and Germany announced they expect Russia reset the ” contact group ” on the situation in Ukraine and Moscow were to introduce a plan to stabilize the situation there .

That plan was that the Russian authorities accept a unity government in Kiev, withdraw troops, dissolved the extremist militias , implement the constitution and held early elections, the morning had told the French minister, Laurent Fabius .

“Members of the international community can not accept a paris invade another ” summarized the French minister .

Before I knew what they could give themselves the Paris talks , the French minister and said that if Moscow does not lower its military escalation could be taken tomorrow in Brussels related to visa sanctions or economic discussions between the European Union ( EU) and Russia , as well as the effective suspension of the preparation of the G8 ( Group of Seven and Russia developed ) countries in June in the Russian city of Sochi.