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Xabi Alonso does not rule out go to the United States in the future

March 4, 2014 11:28 am

Madrid, Mar 4 (Entravision) .- Xabi Alonso does not rule out returning to the Royal Society or jump into an adventure in the United States to end his career, when completed in 2016, the newly renovated contract with Real Madrid.

“do not rule out this hypothesis in the future (leave to the United States). We will see within two years as i am,” he told France Football. “Did not rule out nothing, neither Europe, nor the Royal Society, nor stay even more time at the Real Madrid if at the end of this new contract i note that I have good physical sensations. What I am sure, is that I never arrastrare on a playing field. It is a matter of honor and dignity,” he added.

Xabi explained the reasons why it took so long time to accept the proposal for renewal of the Real Madrid. “I wanted to be sure you are physically well. A wound at the level of the pubis bother me too much last season. From January to May of 2013, it was not the same on the lawn, was not at my level” .

“I was operated in June and while not found again in competition level that should be mine, do not want to prolong. Not i chose the easiest path. It was not because of money issues or desire. When i answer yes to the question of whether he was still willing to spend two years here, was simple prolong”, he said.

The basque midfielder emphasized the qualities of his technician, the Italian Carlo Ancelotti, which ensures you know embroiling the good relationship with the players with the authority that you must have a director of group.

“has a personality that allows you to manage the wardrobe with talent and talk easily with the players. All this combined with great authority. When there is demand, it does. Ancelotti is much more than just its image of quiet man. The person who does not one hundred per cent is punished, i can assure you. However, with the atmosphere is pleasant. The footballer is aware of its responsibilities, but at the same time, feel the confidence of the coach”, described.

In the good line that has caught the Real Madrid, Xabi emphasizes the importance of the work of the defensive front. “We are well organized in the field, up to the front help us. With this, it is much easier to monitor the party from the center of the field. Our work benefits the defenders, which are less at risk. And, of course, the goalkeeper is less requested and fits less goals” .

“This positive influence of a line on the other hand, allows the balance. Something that will be essential to starting in April, when submitting the decisive events: the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the final of the Copa del Rey and the straight end of the League. If there are only seven players that defend, will not be enough. We must defend and attack together,” he said.

and recognized that it costs you no defensive request aid to the ‘Golden Ball’, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. “I talk too much with the top and behind. It is my task as a midfielder. From my position, I see the game well and sometimes i say “Cris, help us”. And I do so naturally with simplicity. For a young player would be more difficult to say but i have experience” .

also devoted good words to the French striker Karim Benzema. “She brings a lot in all aspects. Controls the ball very well, knows associate themselves with their peers and mark many goals. A player is delicious and very fine in everything it does. And he is very smart in their movements” .

and the central Varane Raphael. “I like it very much. Rafa has an incredible ease to do things, to win the duels, anticipate as if it doesn’t cost you anything. Everything is more natural and simple when you play. It is very strong tactical, technical and physically. Always brings out the balloons in a manner very clean . Watch him play it is a pleasure” .