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Miami basks in honor of the ‘apostle’ Cuban José Martí

January 28, 2014 2:56 pm

Miami (USA), Jan 28 (Entravision) .- Each January 28 children in the densely populated neighborhood of Miami’s Little Havana have mustache, thick as that of José Martí, the apostle of the independence of Cuba that is remembered every year on his birthday with a lively and emotional parade along the emblematic Calle Ocho.

Close to 8,000 Cuban children and of the various nationalities of several public and private schools of the town were the protagonists of a tribute to Cuban national hero, born in 1853 in Havana.

It was the opportunity for girls to wear red lips and cheekbones, in addition to traditional dress steamy, while they moved their hips to the best small Caribbean style.

Children, with black suit and white shirt, reminded the “apostle of the Cuban independence” with whiskers, some of them diluted by the moist heat of the South Florida.

This year was a very special parade for its founder, the journalist and commentator on radio Demetrio Perez Jr. , because in addition to the anniversary of the birth of Marti, the “School Stop Martiana”, organized by the schools Lincoln Martí, fulfilled its fortieth anniversary.

Perez told EFE that the idea is to continue with a tradition that started in Cuba “before the advent of communism” and now almost “disappeared on the island”.

The educator also recalled that the largest parade in honor of Martí was held in Cuba in 1953 on the centenary of his birth.

Now, the Cuban exiles in Miami relive each January 28 the tribute that surrender to this patriot schools and universities in the island.

The young Yonnal Tamayo animated test their last steps before you begin the parade. “It is important for us because we are representing our homeland,” he said.

The teacher Ida Jimenez was also happy because it is a feast that does not allow a lost tradition: “We are commemorating to our apostle”.

Bands, community groups, teachers, parents and students toured on foot and on floats a dozen blocks from this area known as the epicenter of the Cuban community, that on this occasion again to wear red, white and blue.

The weekly Free, led by Perez, he recalled the words of Marti in an edition dedicated to the poet: “The bread you win on all parties/ but the decorum of the life/ where you can achieve but in the motherland”.

“This I am very excited, I remember my childhood, this is the greatest thing that we have here … the greatest of Cuba is Martí”, said excited Dalia Alonso, of 79 years, who has attended the parade every year since she arrived from Cuba in 2000.

“We’re going to see when we do beyond (in Cuba), and old and all i would go to parade”, added the women while a huge Cuban flag along the Calle Ocho.

A woman a little stooped argued with one hand one of the corners of this flag without Asta, while the other was a sign that said: “Castro’s tyranny if it falls”.

The parade culminated in the park that now honors the Cuban hero in Little Havana, with words of pride in honor of this patriot in charge of local authorities and the symbol of friendship of Marti, the white roses at the foot of your bust, a sculpture donated in 1952 by the Cuban Government.