Nuclear launch officers suspended for illegal narcotics

January 10, 2014 11:55 am

The men suspended were stationed at the 341st Missile Wing in Montana.

Both were Air Force ICBM launch officers, meaning they had the power and expertise to fire America’s nuclear weapons.

Reuters points out this isn’t the only embarrassment for the nuclear wing of the armed forces.

The 341st failed an inspection in August. In April 19 members of another crew were decided to be unfit for duty, and at least twice guards were found to be sleeping with the door to their control centers wide open.

Timing was poor as well. AP says Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was about to give a morale speech to another nuclear group when he was told of the suspensions.

He went ahead with the speech telling those gathered “you are doing something of great importance. There is no room for error, none.”

The investigation continues into the two men who were suspended.

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