Family finds letter 12 year old wrote before her tragic death

January 10, 2014 8:05 am

Taylor Smith died Sunday of complications from pneumonia.

While looking through some of the things in her room her parents found a letter Taylor had written last summer.

The letter is from Taylor and also to Taylor. The 12–year-old wanted to pass words of wisdom to her 22-year old self someday.

“To be opened by Taylor Smith on April 13, 2023 only unless said otherwise,” it began.

The letter continued.

“Dear Taylor, how’s life? Life is pretty simple 10 years in your past, I know I’m late for you, but I’m writing this early, so congratulations on graduating high school, if you didn’t, go back and keep trying, get that degree … Do you have your own place yet? If we’re in college what are we majoring in? Right now I want to be a lawyer.”

Taylor went on to tell her older self to roll with whatever is thrown her way.  “That’s just how life works and you have to go with it,” she wisely noted.

Taylor’s mother told WJHL-TV in Johnson City, Tennessee, the outpouring of kind words about her daughter have been comforting and uplifting.

Her father Tim said he was leaning on faith.

 “If it’s God’s time, its God’s time, and he loved her more than we could ever love her. So much so that he said ‘come on.’

Tim finished by saying  “a lot of people are probably wondering why it’s so easy for a father whose just lost his daughter to say something like that, to not curse God, to not hate God, the only thing I can say is that right now it’s easy for me to trust God because my baby girl trusted him.

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