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Los Angeles will celebrate the anniversary of the Peace Accords in El Salvador

January 9, 2014 3:02 pm

Los Angeles, Jan 9 (Entravision) .- The consulate of El Salvador in Los Angeles today announced its program of cultural and civic activities to commemorate the twenty-second anniversary of the signing of the Peace Agreements that put an end to the civil war in that country.

The general consul of El Salvador in Los Angeles, Walter Durán, explained that the activities will begin next January 13 to the consular office, where it will be a documentary on these peace agreements.

The consulate will also host the January 14 literary a penalty and the next day will be an academic forum on the covenant that seal the peace in the central American country.

The January 16, the day on which a peace agreement was signed in 1992, the consul will preside over a floral wreath in the McArthur park, in the newly inaugurated Plaza Archbishop Oscar Romero, Salvadoran archbishop who was killed during the war.

Subsequently, Duran will deliver a lecture in the consulate on the agreements and their impact on the life of the country.

“The signing of the Peace Accords in El Salvador is an example to the world and is a process that can be applied to other countries”, today highlighted the consul at a press conference.

The diplomatic representative recalled that the agreement was reached between the guerrilla groups that made up the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), the party that currently governs the country, and the executive then led by Alfredo Cristiani was the final seal that ended with the civil strife that cost the life or the disappearance to near 75,000 Salvadorans. EFEUSA