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49ers fan helps out couple ripped off in ticket scam

December 23, 2013 7:41 pm

Victor Suarez (right) sells tickets to Angeline Ilano, victim of scam

A 49er fan who was says she was scammed out of $500 buying bogus tickets had her holiday dream come true Monday afternoon thanks to the generosity of another 49er fan.

Angeline Ilano says she tried to buy the tickets as an anniversary gift for her boyfriend, Eric Lopez. She says she saw what she thought was a good deal.

“I went for them and when I got them, I looked at them and I realized maybe these aren’t as real as I thought,” said Ilano.

She says after she bought the tickets she noticed the post was still on Craigslist, and began posting a warning to other fans.

As all this was unfolding, Victor Suarez, owner of Derby of San Francisco was holding a contest using Instagram to give away tickets. After the contest was over Suarez says he was looking through some of the posts, and saw Ilano’s story.

“It says, ‘$500 later I found out I was sold fake tickets to Monday Night Football. Now I’ll have to miss the game,’” said Suarez.

He says he discussed the scam with his wife, and decided to give up his own tickets to help another fans’ dream come true.

He called Ilano Sunday night, and arraigned to make the delivery Monday.

“Last night I called her and said, ‘Hey, you’re going to the game, let me give you my seats,’“ said Suarez. “’ They’re real, they’re my seats, you’re gonna get in there.’“

On Monday, Suarez made good on his promise to an appreciative Ilano.

Ilano and Lopez headed out to the game, hoping to make some final memories of Candlestick Park, and thankful to another 49er fan.

“We barely know him, but for him to do something like this for us,” said Lopez. “It shows what kind of person he is, and it’s great.”

“He’s good people,” said Ilano.