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Investigation continues at park where human skull found

December 9, 2013 3:19 pm

Investigators looking for clues at Shiloh Park

Sonoma County Sheriff’s investigators spent Monday gathering evidence in Shiloh Ranch Park near Windsor, where skeletal remains were discovered by a hiker the afternoon before.

A skull, other bones and a shoe were found in an isolated area near a trail by a man walking with his kids through the park Sunday.

After investigating the man’s report, responding officers discovered more remains but had to postpone the investigation until the next day because night had fallen.

Sheriff’s investigators told KTVU on Monday that they didn’t know the person’s approximate age or gender.

Crime scene technicians were working with the coroner Monday to excavate the remains while the department’s Violent Crimes unit was also involved in the investigation.

A Sheriff’s Sergeant said it’s unclear how the person died or if foul play was involved, but the discovery is suspicious. 

“We’ll assume the worst until we can prove otherwise,” said Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sergeant Brad Burke. 

The coroner was expected to try to identify the person through dental records or using D.N.A., while detectives were combing through missing persons reports to see if anything matches.