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Questions remain in possible kidnapping case

December 4, 2013 8:09 pm

Milpitas Police at scene of reported kidnapping

Milpitas police say some grainy video surveillance video from an AC Transit bus is their best hope to solve a ‘possible’ kidnapping.

Investigators say they aren’t sure what to think after releasing video Wednesday showing an Asian man fighting with a young Asian woman yesterday evening over, what appeared to be, a tote bag.

The tape clearly shows the two people struggling near the bus when the man demands the ‘F-ing bag’ while the woman cries ‘no.’

Then the man pulls the woman away from the bus door and as they walk off she tells the driver “call police,” which the driver did.

Milpitas police searched the area around the bus stop on Calaveras Boulevard with the help of a CHP helicopter.

One witness who works at a nearby professional park says she saw the couple fight and leave but wasn’t sure if it was a kidnapping or not.

“I heard a scream and then I saw a man pushing a woman. It looked like he was grabbing her and she was struggling,” said Melissa Casas.

The woman is described as Asian, possibly Vietnamese or Filipino, in her 20′s wearing light colored clothing.

The man is described as Asian, 30′s, wearing a black jacket, jeans and a dark baseball cap.

 Police officers say they are trying to err on the side of caution and continue to investigate the incident as a ‘possible’ kidnapping.

“It’s really the suspicious circumstances we are trying to figure out” said Sgt. Raj Maharaj. “It could be a domestic situation. It could be a boyfriend-girlfriend. It could be many things. We just don’t know.”

Police say they hope the video gets someone to come forward with information.

Another worker at the professional center near the bus stop, Ophelia Barrios said she wanted to know who the man was.

“Maybe it’s a mutual patient of ours. Maybe it’s somebody that we know,” said Barrios.

Regardless how it’s classified, the incident has some people rattled.

“Having it happen so close to home is scary,” said Cherie Vuong,” I live probably two minutes from here and it makes me scared that it might happen to me one day.”

Sgt. Maharaj says he believes this is an isolated incident and that there is no ongoing threat to the neighborhood.