Man steals luxury SUV from dealer´s lot

December 2, 2013 10:17 pm

Stolen SUV

A car salesman in Hayward said Monday that he is in disbelief after a man stole a luxury SUV right from the lot in the middle of the afternoon.   

It happened around 2:45pm Sunday at Empire Auto on Mission Boulevard.

Mubin Mujaddide said two men expressed interest in a 2004 Range Rover and wanted to take it for a test drive.

When Mujaddide asked for a driver’s license, he said one of the men walked off the lot to get it.

Mujaddide said the other man then shoved him, jumped in the $17,000 Range Rover and sped off on Mission Boulevard.

“He just pushed me and as soon as he put his hands on my shoulder I knew. I knew they were after the car,” said Mujaddide who wasn’t seriously hurt.

Mujuaddide got in another vehicle and followed the SUV but said he turned around a few minutes later saying it wasn’t safe.

Hayward police responded to the theft and are looking for the two suspects.

The Range Rover is grey in color with a dealership license plate on the front.

Mujaddide told KTVU he wished he would have trusted his gut. 

“Sometimes you have a feeling that something is wrong but you don’t want to believe it,” Mujaddide said.  “I could tell that from the beginning that something was wrong.”